How can I contact you?

The easiest and fastest to reach us is to fill out our online form, but please check twice that you put your e-mail address in correctly, because just one wrong character means that our answer will fail to deliver. In a case like this we would call you, if you provided us your phone number, but if we don't have that, unfortunately we have no way of getting back to you . Also please add our e-mail address: to your address book, or just send us a direct e-mail.

What is the best way to send you my document?

The best way to send your document to us is through e-mail or fax, we work from images so a scan or a very good picture would be great. However, for hard-to-read documents, a good quality copy of the original can be mailed, but please do not send originals.

How do you return the translated document to me?

We can send you the translation via e-mail, fax, or mail. Naturally, certified documents have to be sent in the mail, regular or USPS Priority. Alternately, we may e-mail you scans of the certified translation for a low extra charge.

Why use a small, family based agency?

Perhaps the time of the papa's and mama's store in the corner is gone, but there is still a lot to be said for a small family business. One is the consistent quality, and another is reliability, we do what we say we will do, this is how we live life in our family and how we have been doing business for over 20 years now. Then also we do not carry a large administrative overhead, so we are able to keep our prices low. Personal attention to small details would be another very good reason: we not only do your translation work, but in case of personal correspondence, old letters or diaries we share our insights, help put the text in context and share our impressions which is rather hard to put in words. Last, but not least, we rarely outsource our work and always with your preapproval, so we can keep your private information well, private.  

How much discretion can you accept from your company?

Total. If it contains your most valuable asset: your personal information, we treat it with the utmost care it deserves: translate it, send it to you electronically or print it out and mail it to you; then delete it or with your permission at cases we preserve it for a year. Let me put it this way: we worked for private individuals and private detective agencies who rated our services among the best. When you are shaken up by doubt we understand that you need to have absolute trust in your translator, this is why there is only one person reading and translating your material unless you requested otherwise. The translation goes into a temporary file and we empty those weekly, unless you ask us to hold on to it, because say later you may request a new certified copy of your diploma or birth certificate for the low charge of the certification, which happens frequently.

Are your translations accepted by the authorities, like the USCIC or Hungarian Immigration?

Certainly; we provide certified translations which are accepted widely all over the world by the authorities, that is in the USA, Canada, Australia, Hungary and we had a few interesting translations in countries like Ghana, Dubai and Turkey. We have been in business continually for ten years now and on every page we translate and certify we put the name, contact information, seal and signature of the translator.

Can I talk to you in person?

Certainly, call us and please leave a message, nowadays because of the spoofing epidemic we might not always pick up the phone, but we will always get back to you if you leave a message. Hopefully this will change when we find protection against these spam phone calls. Even better: e-mail us and we will gladly answer any questions. We stand by our products and have a physical location in Cleveland, so you can certainly find us. In several instances we meet with our customers in person to go over their paperwork and provide personal assistance. We enjoy every chance to put a face to the voice or at times only to e-mail contacts.